Address to the moon

Picture: night moon, two days after wolf moon, between the Plough and Orion (though my phone is no good at taking pictures of stars)

You wonderful, mysterious, erratic moon,

You wandering lune,

What do you get up to

In your nocturnal peregrinations?

I thought I had you figured out.

You rise above the cherry tree

And make your way along the garden

To hang suspended at its end

On winter mornings.

But your wolf full moon rose somewhere else

And then you seemed to go into reverse.

I’d love to be an astronomer

But all these orbiting spheres in the sky

With their different and contrary trajectories

Sometimes make me want to cry.

The moon this morning at about 7.30am.

Astronomy talk: The moon follows the ecliptic path of the earth and the ecliptic is the plane in which the earth orbits the sun.

One day, I will really get my head round this stuff. For the time being, I shall just continue to enjoy the beauty of the moon.

Published by emberbear

Hi and welcome. Thank you for visiting. I want this site to be an oasis for all visitors and especially for anyone who is feeling overwhelmed by the world. I am a writer and a poet. I have always loved nature and I am at my happiest when walking through a beautiful landscape in all weathers, alone or with someone close to me. I am deeply attuned to trees, mountains and the sea. I watch and listen to birds every day as a form of meditation without meditating. Of course, I also enjoy great books, films, television, art and music. I am a historian and sociologist. There is plenty to observe at the moment. I think deeply about the world and the universe. I star gaze on clear nights. And, yes, of course I love cats. Please bear with me while I get this site up and running. When I am done, there will be nature photos, poetry, snippets of writing and maybe occasional musings.

19 thoughts on “Address to the moon

  1. A lovely poem, I too would cry if I had to figure out why it does the dance it does. Just enjoying its beauty is enough for me. I remember being in Hawaii and seeing the blood moon in the night sky. As I stared at it in awe, it started to kinda look fake, like it was cgi, a pretty surreal moment for me.

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  2. Haha! Nice poem :). You won my heart lol.

    The Moon’s orbit around the Earth doesn’t actually quite line up with the ecliptic–– it is tilted at about 5 degrees relative to it, but it follows near enough. If it wasn’t tilted, we would have a solar eclipse on every New Moon, but because it’s tilted, the Moon ‘misses’ the Sun on most orbits.

    And yes, you’re right, the Moon appears in very different places over time, relative to background objects on Earth. Our view of the ecliptic itself changes a lot throughout the year–– thanks to the tilt of the Earth’s axis–– so the Sun does the same dance, resulting in the seasons. The Moon does a little bit of ‘additional dancing’ on top :).

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    1. Hi Robin, thank you so much. I’m so glad you liked my poem. And I hoped you would have something to say about how the moon behaves. Your explanation is so helpful and clear. Thank you for that. 💚 Have you ever thought about using your expertise to write an astronomy blog for beginners?

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      1. Haha, that’s awesome that you were thinking that.

        I’m really glad you found it helpful & clear! I’m always happy to explain astronomy stuff :D, in the most emotional way possible lol.

        Very nice idea about the blog! Thank you. I’ve actually always had a nagging feeling that I should be spending some time helping to educate about it, in some form. I love doing that and have had a lot of good comments when I’ve done it.

        Actually the person who runs Green Health charity, which helps me a lot, knows somebody who runs a place nearby that does VR space experiences! I’m totally planning to meet them, I just haven’t been healthy/stable enough to consider it yet. But it sounds exactly my thing, honestly! I tried VR once, and I tried a VR demo that was based on the International Space Station, and you could do a space-walk and look up at the Earth. As in genuinely feel as though you’re just looking at the Earth above you, in space, in 3D. Made all my hairs stand up and I’d spend all day in something like that if I could! Lol.

        I just started a new blog last week lol, so I’ll hold off for now, but I like the idea!


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  3. I’m so glad you like that idea and if and when you begin, I’ll look forward to reading it. I loved the moon ‘doing a little additional dancing on top’ as well as the clear explanation. Your VR space experience sounds amazing and I hope you soon feel well enough to try another one. 💚


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