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Autumn 2019

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I have been writing poetry for over forty years. I will add some soon.

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I will be posting a few times a week most weeks. Thank you to my followers. I shall endeavour to entertain and delight you. I shall be writing about whatever comes to mind, including fantasy fiction and literature in general, belief systems, nature and life in general.

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I love seeing new people following. Everyone is welcome.

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This lovely young lady isn’t me. It is a stock photo. I don’t take selfies and I am still trying to find a photo of myself where I don’t look like a total scruff (I love being scruffy) and I don’t have my husband or daughter attached to me. I love these photos but I haven’t got round to asking them yet if they want their images to be shared.

I am in my fifties. The three achievements I am most proud of so far are the following: being a loving, supportive and involved parent; being an international teacher for many years, which gave me the opportunity to bring together students from different and sometimes inimical countries in an atmosphere of peace and co-operation; and living the life examined. The last one has sometimes been painful but it has been well worth it. It is, of course, a never ending task. I am always learning about myself, others and the world. I express a lot of this through writing poetry and fiction for publication and of course I have a heap of journals.

In the evenings I relax with my family. We chat, we laugh, we sing, we dance, we go for walks to look at the moon and stars. And, of course, we watch television, mostly brilliant American comedies. Current favourites: Parks and Recreation and The Middle.

Outside my family, I prefer seeing people on a one to one basis. When I see my friends, we usually talk about our children, philosophy, television, our travels, hobbies, hopes and dreams and ridiculous stuff, often involving animals, which has happened since the last time we saw one another.

More photos coming soon. Nearly done. Thank you for bearing with me while I set up this website.

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